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Astrology, Tarot, Reiki

I am

Since a very young age, Jessica has had a curiosity and connection with the realm of Spirit. She has been studying the Tarot & Cosmos since the third grade.  The symbology of the planets and the cards infused with her intuitive gifts and connection with spirit allow for an uplifting spiritual experience.


"My mission as a reader, and as a Healer is to allow my connection with my personal Higher Self to connect with ones Higher Self. From this Energetic Connection through Spirit, information may be channeled through me. Ensuring you are receiving divine messages from ones own Higher Being."

Astrology & Tarot

What makes you, uniquely you?

From Birth Chart to a Solar Return Chart,

Progressed Chart * Planetary Transits

* Relationship Compatibility *

Expand into an illuminating experience with Astrology. 

$1 per minute

60 -120 minutes

Tarot & Astrology are closely related. With an understanding of the Symbology within Tarot and through connection with Higher Self and to Spirit, we are able to translate Spirit Guided and intuitive messages. Tarot expands beyond the planetary alignments that astrology primarily focuses on. Allowing openings into other realms and elements for an intuitive & self affirming, empowering experience. 

We are truly our own oracle, healer & intuitive empress.

However, at times we are weighed down or distracted in other areas that it is difficult to see the whole big picture. Astrology and Tarot allow for an expansive, illuminating and affirming experience. When our being holds the questions these spaces may reveal the answers. With support and practices one is able to restore ones true embodied voice truth and action. Sometimes we need a bit more support and confirmation and Jess offers great tools to meet you on your journey of embodied empowered living.   

Energy Healing


Through channeling Life Force Energy, we will align and balance ones subtle energy bodies and Chakra System. Cleaning up any energetic debris within ones auric field, providing a rejuvenating and relaxing experience.

$1 per minute

60 -120 minutes

Energy Healing
Pink Flower Bloom
Flower in Sunlight


This intensive Healing is a fusion of all the practices offered. Tarot & Astrology reading as well as energy Healing woven into one 3 hour session. This combination practice is intended to expose buried traumas, embrace and dissect their root causes, and release them and their triggers from ones emotional, mental and energetic body.

$200 ~ 3 hour Trinity 

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