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Inner Peace Sacred Arts

Hi, I am Alicia Bruce, founder of Inner Peace Sacred Arts. A vision inspired from my hearts desire to see supportive space and services for conscious, whole being harmonization and community. I have a passionate desire to assist humanity in raising vibration & reclaiming their authentic purpose, passion, power & birthright. An opportunity to bring awareness to the internal felt senses balancing Mind, Body, Emotions & Soul creating space to arrive more fully present in each new Now.

Inner Peace Sacred Arts is a vision coming true for the community as well as for the practitioners that flow from. I have desired to offer collaborative, supportive space for practitioners offering their skillsets to the public in a way that allows individuals the opportunity to embody their own vision and business while offering an opportunity to deepen their skillset and service to their clients. Inner Peace Sacred Arts honors the pause necessary for presence to come online offering a Signature Series that facilitates the deeper ritual of pause. These services invite practitioners to train and deepen their skillsets. 


Our services are consciously crafted to drop you out of your mind and into the inner sensations of your Being. Allowing  space for optimal recharge and restoration of balance. To be held in safety, tension and discord have the space to breathe, integrate & release. As this inner space and felt sense of safety and willingness to be present is cultivated one is gifted the opportunity to reclaim self power & purpose, igniting passion to live as the Authentic Creator & Balanced, Sustaining Being one truly was born to be. 


"As we release stress and allow space for authentic recharge we create an environment and relationship within self to live true & free; In connection with Nature & her principles, Harmonizing Mind, Body, Soul, Earth & Sky." 

"Through pause presence expands, inviting greater depth within each moment & naturally liberating one into aligned optimal living."

~Alicia Renae


I studied and graduated medical massage therapy at Blue Heron Academy of Healing Arts in 2007. My professional career began in 2008 and I have been working as a full time massage therapist since! My path of inspiration has led me into developing skill sets that provide safe, tranquil settings & services that allow for maximum opening of vitality and release of stress, tension, trauma & discord. Being on this healing journey of balance between mind, body, emotions and soul myself, I incorporate these tools and gifts into my offerings to meet you where you are and open doors into greater depths of Embodied, Empowered, Balanced Being. 

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