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1 step,1 breath,1choice at a time

*We do not treat, diagnose, or prescribe.

*Essential Oils, Massage Therapy, Reflexology, Embodiment, Astrology, Tarot, Reiki or any services we offer are not cures.  We offer space and tools that hand the power back to you for your own vitality, health, & well being. Asking you always practice discernment for what is true for you.

*We trust in your ability to know your body; seeking advice from medical professionals and maintaining your in place health protocols. 

*Your body is miraculous! Given the proper willingness and ingredients and you are able to heal and rejuvenate. Remembering the only one capable of healing You is You! This is a space to offer you back your power, so that you may reclaim your health and vitality, as your truth and essence guide you deeper home. 

We live in a time where we have outsourced much of our power, one aspect of this is the credibility and trust we put into Doctors; Doctors that have been indoctrinated. May we all acknowledge that Western medicine is not allowed to explore the full spectrum of the human body and total health for actual healing. Nutrition, herbs and plants were casted out and deemed as devil worship, interrogating and imprisoning many doctors who refused to indoctrinate in the new medical texts that were released at the turn of the century in the early 1900s by Rockefeller. More than ever we are individually being called home. To rekindle the flame within and advocate for our own health. Taking responsibility and advocacy for the vibrancy of this life we each individually chose to unfold. I believe it is time to answer this call that so willingly and unconditionally calls us home and acknowledge the many available resources and tools to heal this miraculous mind, body, soul vessel. 

Wishing you many blessings on your journey of Harmonizing Wholeness!

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