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The Rooted Tree

As a young girl I was ruled by anxiety. I remember doing a lot of

worrying about other people, worrying about the future, worrying

about where I stood in this world. It seemed that people and situations could take me in any direction. As though I were being pulled by an invisible force that could leave me feeling drained and exhausted. In other words, I had no boundaries between myself and others and I had no idea what being rooted or grounded felt like.

About ten years ago I was introduced to Reiki by my

sister who had just taken a class and wanted to try it out on me. I

agreed with skepticism as the whole idea sounded so strange. How

could anyone just use their hands to make someone feel better?

Here I am today- five years practicing as a Reiki Master.


The Rooted Tree is here because through Reiki I was able to ground myself and

release enough emotional baggage that I could finally help others to

heal. Like a tree, if we are not rooted and balanced we fall down.

Also like a tree, when we are well rooted and healthy, we can

communicate with others as our true selves and help heal each other. I welcome you with open arms.

Ann Rosenbery is a certified Reiki Master in the Usui Reiki System of Natural Healing. She has additional training in Donna Eden Energy Medicine and Muscle and Emotional Release. As a conscientious energy medicine practitioner, Ann is also constantly reading new materials, taking new coursework, and watching new videos to improve and add value to her techniques. 

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